Updates to the ZX81 Collection

Update History

I periodically update the site with new acquisitions. Please note, the rate has slowed down not due to lack of time/interest, but due to the fact that new titles are harder and harder (and more expensive) to get hold of.

If you have enjoyed the site, please consider a donation towards preservation of more items:

A * by an entry indicates that it had been identified as MIA from magazine sources prior to being added to the collection.


Added the following tapes (total now 649): Zor.


Updated the ZX81 Tape Converter to allow for TZX file output from the command line interface.


Added the following tapes (total now 648): Accounts*, Adventure (G Barker), Nowotnik Puzzle (donated by Mr. Strudwick)*, Purchases, RacehorseTrainer, Star Trek and 3D Os and Xs*, Tutor (French).


Special thanks go to those generous people who have recently donated to the site, this will really help with the upkeep of the site and purchasing ever harder to get items.

Also thanks to Dick Berry who sent me the assembler source and listing for Home Money Manager.

Added the following tapes (total now 641): Comp-u-Share*, REM-Load*, Star Trek (Silversoft)*, Super Wumpus*.


Added the following tape (total now 638): Salvo, kindly donated by Greg Harder.


Added the following tapes (total now 637): Backgammon (Psion), Fastload (Artic), The Fast One (Green), Great Britain Ltd*, Intermediate English 1*, Intermediate English 2*, Multigraphics*, Similes Countdown, Toolkit (Blue), Wordfix/Grafix, Wordpack1, Wordpack2, Wordpack3, Wordpack4.


Added the following tapes (total now 623): 1k Wonders, 6Games, Basicode2, Cave Crusade, Champions!, Electronics, Football, Football Pools*, Game Pac, Gamestape #3, Home Money Manager, In the Best Possible Taste!, Octopussy, Paint-Maze, Party Games, Printer Programs, Sea Wolf (Newer), Space Man Apollo, Spacetrek(JRS), Tables Countdown*, Tasword*, Tutor (German), ZX Action Pack, ZXAS (printed instructions), ZX Chess II (Improved), ZX Forth*, ZX Forth (Colour), ZX MC*, ZX-Sideprint.

Added inlay scans for the following tapes: Full Screen Breakout, Galaxy Invaders.


Major overhaul of the web site including:


Minor update to the site to sign the JAR files for BASIC listings and the Java applet version of the EightyOne emulator. Also my email address has changed. I have a stack of 20 or so new tapes to add to the site when I get time.

For the JAR files it seems that you now need a properly signed JAR file to even run in a browser which means possibly paying hundreds of pounds a year to a trusted CA. I'm looking into options but would really like to keep the ability to run the programs within the web site so may be looking at ads or donations to fund the certificate.


Another update (total now 594): 8 Programs by GM4IHJ, Airline*, Arithmetic for the Under 8's*, Autochef*, Bubble Bugs, Junior Maths 1*, Junior Maths 2*, LText/ZText*, Maths Invaders, Maths Part 1*, G.C.E. "O" Level Maths*, QSave (red), Toolkit (JRS)*, Video-Ad*, Video-Plan*, Vizi/Z, Word Processor.


Here are some more tapes I eventually managed to get around to sorting out (total now 577): Battleships*, Biorhythms (Orbyte version), Breakout, Space Invaders and Music, Centipede (Green cover), College Cost Analyzer, Compatibility, Complete Sinclair ZX81 Basic Course*, Doobarry Domino the Counting "Phenomeno", Expo Tic Tac Toe, The First*, Games Pack (JRS version)*, Graphics 1, Home Budget, Home Inventory, Jungle Maths*, Megamind, Merchant of Venus (Timex version), Morse Reader, Murgatroyds*, The Quiz, Screen Kit 1*, Star Trek and Nightmare Park, Talkback, The Trident, Vault of the Centaurs, Video-View*, Volcanic Dungeon, Words.

Added the following hardware (total now 52): ZX99*.

Updated .P files and scans/information for Super chess (Softsync version) as I now have an unsealed copy.

Also fixed a bug in my ZX81 Tape Converter which was producing an out of memory error with larger stereo/16 bit samples.


Finally completed this update... More tapes in the pipeline so another update hopefully soon.

Added a description and download for my Super Sudoku 81 program.

Updated the JtyOne emulator to support ZX80 emulation (for CSSCGC 2008), to run correctly at 50FPS, and updated the source to the 1.1 level.

A special thank you to Simon Fawkes of Fawkes Computing who has supplied original mint copies of the colour inlays for three of the tapes he sold in 1983/4, as well as a previously unreleased adventure game, Fun Fair Adventure.

Also thank you to Rhodri Marsden for providing the Software Farm title Bouncing Bert.

Added a TrueType version of the font used in the ZX Spectrum games Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's revenge.

After something of a lull, a bumper Christmas season has resulted in adding the following tapes (total now 548): 5-2K Family Pak, Admiral Graf Spee, Algebra II, Basic BASIC, Baron, Bigflap Attack, Bouncing Bert, City of Xon, Compte Bancaire, Data Master, Dominoes, Dungeons of Doom, Fun Fair Adventure, FUNdamentals of Math, Games Sampler, Gamestape 1 (colour inlay), Geographics UK, Haute Resolution, The Insurance Property Record, Kongs Revenge (alternative cover), Mind vs. Machine, The Money Manager, Moniteur Desassembleur, Pengy, Personal Banking System (Micromega re-release), Space Invaders (dK'tronics release with Graphics ROM support)*, Spelling Bee, Starquest (IPS re-release), The Starter, Star Trek (Macronics)*, Strategy Football, Subspace Striker (IPS re-release), Super Programs 1 (US re-release), Super Programs 1 (inlay instructions variant), Super Programs 3 (US re-release), Super Programs 5 (US re-release), Teacher's Gradebook, Total Triangles, Traffic, Trojan Dragon, TS Destroyer and Space Raid, UDG (for the dK'Tronics Graphics ROM), ZX Galaxia, ZX Tri.

Updated .P files and scans/information for 2K Games Pack, Conversational German, Guitar for Beginners, Introduction to Chemistry, Language Usage, The List Manager, Music Educator 1, Presidents, Statistics, The Stock Option Analyzer as I now have unsealed copies.


Added the following tape (total now 504): Invaders (Forward, re-release).


Added the following tapes (total now 503): Biorhythms 1 (W.H.Smith release), Invaders (Bug Byte, typed cover variant), Mines of Saturn/Return to Earth, Music Composer, Super Invasion.


Added the following tapes (total now 498): 2K Games Pack (IPS), Around Europe in 80 Hours, Concentration, Fastload, HRG 7.0, Intercepteur Cobalt, Inventory Control (Data-assette), Krakit demo, Multifile Plus (GE re-release), Night Gunner (Softsync re-release), Patrouille De L'Espace, Rental Property Manager, Stock Car, ZX Assembler (IPS re-release, mono cover), ZX Forth (IPS re-release).

Added scans of the manuals for: Memocalc, Memopak 32K RAM, Memopak Centronics Interface, Memopak HRG, Memotech Z80 Assembler.


Ported Mike Wynne's EightyOne emulator into Java and added a link to every program to allow it to be played in an applet.



Added the following tapes (total now 483): Radio Programs 1.

Added references from Sinclair User Supplement (Spectrum User) from issues 6 and 7.

Updated the ZX81 Tape Converter to fix another synchronization issue, and added preferences for the maximum number of allowed errors and warnings.


Added the following tapes (total now 482): Electric Cost Analyzer, Execu-soft, Graphics Kit (Softsync), Invasion Force (IPS re-release), Marine Rescue, Mazogs (Softsync), Mothership (Softsync), Super Chess (Softsync), Tarot, ZX Bug (IPS re-release), ZX Pro/File.

Added the following books (total now 57): Mastering Your Timex Sinclair 1000 Personal Computer, The ZX81 Companion (US re-release).

Added the following hardware (total now 51): Expandable 16K RAM, Incremental 16K RAM*, Klik Keyboard*, Memocalc, Memopak Centronics Interface*, Memotech Keyboard, Quick Load/Save ROM, Rompak ROM interface, Memotech Z80 Assembler.

Updated .P files and information for Backgammon (Timex) and The Stamp Collector as I now have unsealed copies.

Updated the ZX81 Tape Converter to fix problems with synchronization when viewing two samples each with multiple programs, problems with reanalyzing after manual updates to the sample, and added a preference to stop the results dialog appearing after every manual update.

Updated the list applet to fix listings not being shown for some programs, in particular Espionage Island.


Completed indexing Sinclair User up to issue 8.

Added the following tapes (total now 471): Gamestape 1 (Fawkes), Sinclair User Club Volume 8.


Added the following tapes (total now 469): Krazy Kong (Intercomputer Inc. re-release), Star Soccer, Tempest.

Added the following books (total now 55); Machine Language Programming Made Simple for your Sinclair *, ROM Disassembly Part A *.

Added the following hardware (total now 42): ASZMIC E07 ROM, ASZMIC/BASIC board.


Added the following tapes (total now 466): 3D Monster Maze (typed inlay), Games Tape 2 (typed inlay), Gold *, Nightmare Park *, Star Trek (typed inlay).


Added the following hardware (total now 40): Cheetah 64K RAM, dkTronics Keyboard, JRS 16K RAM, dkTronics 4K RAM, Memotech Keyboard (blue),

Continued indexing, completed ZX81 references from Sinclair User issues 2, 3 and 4.


Added a page describing the TS1500 composite video modification.


Added the following tapes (total now 461): Technical Literacy Series.

Added the following hardware (total now 35): Cheetah 16K, Memopak 32K, Timex Sinclair 1000, Timex Sinclair 1500.


Modified magazine scan references to credit the World of Spectrum that is the source of the images; modified the MIA lists to show the earliest occurrence of an item; partial index of Sinclair User issue 2.

Added the following hardware (total now 31): QS Sound Board.

Added the following tapes (total now 460): Black Crystal (Single-sided variant), Critical Path Analysis (Hilderbay - my first Hilderbay title),

Added new scans for Inventions 1 (WHSmith) (along with a fixed .P file for side B), Othello (Moi).


Added information about related tapes - variants of the same tape and releases by different publishers.

Modified publisher indexes to be a single column, no thumbnails, and links to the publishers' tapes, books and hardware.

Made thumbnail linking consistent.


Added an index of tape, hardware and book references from Sinclair User Issue 1. Those entries in the collection that were mentioned in that magazine now have references included. Over time I'll be indexing more SU issues, as well as ZX Computing.

Added an index of MIA Tapes, Hardware and Books generated from all items in the references index that aren't in the collection.

Renamed all tapes currently beginning with "The", for example "The Budgeter" is now "Budgeter, The", with updates to all associated files.

Fixed some missing .tzx files on re-releases, and some as a result of inconsistent naming.


Restructured somewhat so that the Publisher pages include links to tapes, hardware and books, and the hardware and book entries link back to the publisher entries.

I've just embarked on indexing mentions of ZX81 software, hardware and books from magazines. So far I've managed to index Sinclair User Issue 1. I will add links back to the magazine from the appropriate places.

Added the following tapes (total now 458): Cassette 1 (R.S.Armitage release - MIA), Star Trek (Silversoft release - MIA), Toolkit (Artic release).


Added the following tapes (total now 455): Fantasy Games (Psion release), Robbers of the Lost Tomb, The Electronic Checkbook.

Scanned additional paperwork for: 3D Monster Maze, Cassette 1 (R.S.Armitage - MIA), Cassette 2, Chess, Do Not Pass Go, Space Invaders and Planetoids, Star Trek (Silversoft - MIA), Star Trek and Mission of the Deep, The Oracles Cave, hardware: Floppy Interface for ZX81, publishers: Cambridge Microelectronics, R. S. Armitage, Software Farm.


Added the following tapes (total now 452): Bat Cage, Mixed Game Bag III.

Dumped programs and scanned inlay/instructions for; Keyboard Calculator.


Added the following tapes (total now 450): Zac Man.

Added a letter from Sinclair, and the ZX81 Guarantee.


Added .TZX files (acutally .TZX.ZIP files) for all tapes. These have been tested with EightyOne v0.43 (e). On previous versions the .TZX support doesn't seem to work properly.

Scanned in instructions for Dictator.

Made screenshots for Forth.

Added the following tapes (total now 449): Football League, Stock Market, Tyrant of Athems.

Added the following hardware: Chiclet Keyboard.


Added the following tapes (total now 446): Free Games Cassette.

Added the following books (total now 48): Le Petit Livre Du ZX81, ZX81 Basic Programming Manual (French), ZX81 Basic Programming Manual (German).

Added the following hardware: Cambridge Technology Group 64K RAM, Interface 8 Couleurs, Interface Sonore, Mini Clavier.


Added the following hardware: Fuller Keyboard, ZX-Panda 16K RAM.

Added the following tapes (total now 445): Dallas (French), Muncher, The Stock Market Calculator, ZXAS (Yellow inlay), ZX Assembleur, ZX Asteroids, ZXDB (Typed blue inlay).


Added the following books (total now 48): 49 Explosive Games for the ZX81 (US re-release), The Complete Sinclair ZX81 Basic Course, Computer Spacegames, Explorer's Guide to the ZX Spectrum and ZX81, Poster Programs No. 1: The Valled Of Adventure, Poster Programs No. 3: Sorcerer's Lair, The Cambridge Collection, The Good Software Guide, Timex/Sinclair 1000 User's Guide Volume 1, Understanding Your ZX81 ROM, ZX81 BASIC Book,


Updated the ZX81 Tape Converter to provide a decent GUI front end. The web site and program itself include help pages.

Added a catalogue scan for JRS, and fixed the links for catalogue scans for Quicksilva and Software Farm.

Added the following tapes (total now 438): 5 Programmes Pour Jouer, 5 Programmes Pour Reflechir.


A bit of delay since the last update as I've been working on an overhal of the ZX81 Tape Converter to provide a decent GUI front end. The updated program should be on the site sometime soon...

This update significantly extends the coverage of Timex-published titles. Unfortunately (!) many of these are still sealed so just consist of the front image.

Added the following tapes (total now 436): 1K ZX Chess (Artic), Adventure One, Algebra 1, Alien Invasion, Automobile Analyzer, Backgammon (Timex), Capitalization Master, Conversational French, Conversational German, Conversational Spanish, E. E. 1 - Filter Design, Flug-Simulation, Galaxians/Sword of Peace (red/white inlay), Galaxy Jailbreak, Geometry 1, Guitar for Beginners, Heating System Analyzer, Inca Curse (Artic), Inventions 1 (Fun to Learn), Kasino Kraps, Keyboard Calculator, Kongs Revenge, Labyrinth (Colour inlay), Language Usage, Manufacturing Control, Music Educator 1, Personal Finance Planner, Pinball, Portfolio Analysis, Presidents, Punctuation Master, Solar Water Heater Designer, Stock Market Game, The Challenger 1, The Home Asset Manager, The List Manager, The Stock Option Analyzer, Trader (flap-fronted box), Trap, Tutor (Spanish), Tyrannosaure Rex, Walk The Plank, Whizz Quiz, Word Quest, ZX Assembler (Artic release).


Added the following tapes (total now 390): Galaxy Warrior/Star Trek, Space Trek.


Added the following hardware: 4K Graphics ROM (Kayde).


Added the following tapes (total now 388): Invaders (Mono cover), Video-Map.

Updates from 2006 and before

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