2006 Updates to the ZX81 Collection

Update History - 2006

These are the updates made to the site in 2006.


Added the following tapes (total now 386): Privateer.

Added the following hardware (total now 16): Datel I/O Interface, Maplin Extender Interface, Maplin I/O Interface, Mapsoft Keyboard, Memotech 48K RAM, QS CHRS Board, QS Connector, QS Motherboard.


Added a page with photographs of my collection.

Added the following tapes (total now 385): Quicksilva Chrs demo, FastLoadSave, Froggy, Star Trek and Mission of the Deep, Trader (Jewel case).


Added the following tapes (total now 380): Super Programs 2 (non-inlay instructions variant).


Added the following tapes (total now 379): Asteroids (Software Farm), Chess (Psion), Constellation (re-release), Galaxy Invaders (re-release), Math Routines and Fit, Mazogs (re-release), Multifile (re-release), QSave (re-release), RPN Calculator, Statistics, Variance Analyzer, Viewtext (re-release), ZXAS (re-release).


Added the following tapes (total now 366): Encounter.


Added the following tapes (total now 365): Frogs, Lunar Rescue, Scramble.


Added the following tapes (total now 362): High Res, Krypton Ordeal.

Added the following "book": Print 'n' Plotter Film.


Added the following tapes (total now 360): Cassette 50, City Patrol/Sabotage, Galaxians/Sword of Peace (Yellow), MCoder, Rubik Cube (Alt), Samurai Warrior, Scramble (Colour Inlay), Sea Wolf, Video Graffiti.


Added the following tapes (total now 351): Alien-Dropout, Gobblers, Protector, ZX Compendium.


Added the following tapes (total now 347): Cassette 5, Trace.


Added the following tapes (total now 345): ComputaCalc ZX (alternative inlay), Merchant of Venus, QS Invaders (alternative inlay), ZX Compiler.


Added the following tapes (total now 341): ZX Chess I (Black inlay), ZXM Sound Box Super Editor.

Added the following hardware: ZXM Sound Box.


Added the following tapes (total now 339): Adventure Tape 1, Centipede (dk'Tronics re-release), Control Technology Tapes 1,2,3, Dictator, Dragon Maze, Football Manager (Red inlay), Forth, Geography 1 (W.H.Smith), Grimm's Fairy Trails, Invaders (Bug Byte alternative release), Invaders (AGS), Kingdom of Nam, The Knight's Quest, Mazogs (Mono inlay), Planetoids, QS Scramble (Alternative release), Renum, Space Invaders 3K, Super Nine, Super Programs 2 (ICL black inlay), Super Programs 4, Tapebook 50, The IRA Planner, The Puzzler, Tomb of Dracula (Colour inlay), Trader, ZXDB (Yellow inlay), ZXTK (Yellow inlay).


Added the following tapes (total now 311): 2K Games Pack, Arcade Action, Super Chess, Super Programs 2, Monster Mine.


Added the following tapes (total now 306): Family Quiz, Personal Banking System, The Oracle's Cave, Galactic Patrol (Omega re-release).


Added the following tapes (total now 302): Scram 81, QSInvaders (cover with number), Croaka Crawla, Planet Raider, Black Crystal (clam shell case), Cassette 1, Alien Attack, G.C.E. "O" Level French Revision, Program Pack 4, ZXDB (Typed inlay), ZXAS (Monochrome inlay), Games II, Galaxians (mono cover), Backgammon (Keith Archer), Lost Island, Chess (typed instructions), Graphics Toolkit (colour inlay), QS Asteroids (big picture cover, no text), Pilot (new on inlay), ZXTK (printed instructions).


Added the following hardware: Memotech 48K RAM, Sinclair 16K RAM, Audio Computers Special Ram Pack, Thurnall Electronics 16 line programmable I/O port, ZON X-81 Programmable Sound Generator.


Added the following tapes (total now 282): Golf (Green inlay), The Damsel and the Beast, ZXAS (Typed inlay).


Added the following tapes (total now 279): Chinese Astrology, Chess (Mikro-Gen Orange inlay).

Updated the following tapes: Love, Business and the Zodiac.


Significantly updated the Hama bead loading screen page.

Added the following tapes (total now 277): Star Trek, UFO & 3D Maze, Munchees, Krakit, D Coder, Machine Code Test Tool.

Updated the following tapes: Z-Xtricator, Tomb Of Dracula.

Added the following books (total now 36): The ZX80 Magic Book, What can I do with 16K?, What can I do with 1K?, Getting Acquainted with your ZX81, Peek Poke Byte & RAM!, Print 'n' Plotter Jotter.


Added the following tapes (total now 271): Learning Lab, Club Records, Club Record Controller, Super Programs 1 (ICL).


Added publisher index by tape code. For example: Sinclair Titles.

Changed indexes to use tape title rather than the file root.


Added the following tapes (total now 267): Advanced Budget Manager, Alien Rain, Breakout (NGS), Chess (Timex), Constellation, Critical Path Analysis(Timex), Dr Floyd, Escape From Shazzar, Galactic Gunner, Graphics Pac 1, Introduction To Chemistry , Keys To Gondrun, Money Analyzer 1, Money Analyzer 2, RedAlert, Spelling 1 (WHSmith), States And Capitals, Statistics, Stock Market Tech Analysis 1, The Carpooler, The Computer Coach, The Coupon Manager, The Flight Simulator, The Gambler, The Organizer, The Stamp Collector, The ZX81 Pocket Book, Wordplay, ZXTK.

Added the following books: ArtOfProgramming1K, BasicBasicsForTheTimexSinclair1500, BasicsOfTimexSinclair1500Basic, BetterProgrammingForYourSpectrumAndZX81, ByteingDeeperIntoYourZX81, CreatingAdventurePrograms, HintsAndTipsForTheZX81, MachineLanguageProgrammingMadeSimple, MakingTheMostOfYourTimexSinclair1500, NotOnly30ProgramsForTheSinclairZX81, ProgrammingForRealApplications, TheGatewayGuideToTheZX81AndZX80, TheInsAndOutsOfTheTimexTS1000AndZX81, TheZX81Companion.


Added the ROM file for the The dk'Tronics 4K Graphics ROM.

Added the Hama bead loading screen page.


Added the Books index with scans of ZX81 book covers, and the Hardware index with pictures of ZX81 hardware, and scans of manuals.


Added the ZX Spectrum page with my Java Loading Screen Screensaver.

Added tapes: Gulp (Mindware), Hangman, Word Test.


Added tapes: High-Res Package, Inventory Control, Mixed Game Bag 1, Mixed Game Bag 2, Pac Rabbit, Personal Financial Planning Pack, Power Pack 1, Ram Runner, Real Estate Investment Analysis, The Checkbook Manager, The Loan Mortgage Amortizer, VU-CALC (Timex), ZX Assembler, ZX Chess II (IPS).


Added a thumbnail index.

Added tapes: Collector's Pack, English Literature 2, The Gauntlet.

Updated tapes: Black Crystal, Centipede

20/12/2005 - Miscellaneous improvements

Fixed all the broken links (mostly due to missing images, or incorrect case in some of the file names).

Added a search form to the home page and bottom frame.

17/12/2005 - Get the thing to work part deux

So I forgot to upload all the updated .HTML files. Done now.

I've also added a non-frames version of the title and publisher indexes, and added a non-frames home page.

16/12/2005 - Get the thing to work

Some people had problems with the HTML due to the slashes not all being in the right direction... This should be fixed now.

Added: BankRobber and GalacticTrooper by Romik Software

14/12/2005 - First public release

This is the launch of the ZX81 Tape Database. This contains all the ZX81 and TS1000 tapes that I currently own.

The tape collection currently stands at 218 tapes, which I know is a small proportion of the total published for the ZX81 and TS1000, but I am actively working on expanding my collection ;-)