ZX81 Tapes, Hardware and Books Collection

About this Site

| 3D monster maze cassette inlay | This web site contains my own collection of ZX81 and TS1000 tapes, hardware and books that I have built up over the last ten years or so, almost entirely from buying items on eBay, along with a small number of kindly donated items. There is information about all the items, including inlay and instruction scans, screenshots, listings and the programs themselves.
| Forty Niner cassette inlay | There are now over 600 different ZX81 software titles listed, which you can run within your browser - just click on the "Play" button next to the track to launch the JtyOne emulator (note: needs Javascript to be enabled in your browser).
| Mazogs cassette inlay | All of the .P and .TZX files and inlay scans have made by me from the original tapes, using my ZX81 Tape Converter program. The program can also play the .P or .TZX files through the computer sound card so that you can load them on to a real ZX81. I also wrote the listing script, which uses the character set data directly from the ZX81 ROM to produce an authentic ZX81 look. Screenshots were taken using the EightyOne emulator.
| Advanced Programming book cover | There are also some ZX81 book cover scans, and some hardware photos and manual scans, including the The dK'tronics 4K Graphics ROM, complete with a dump of the ROM, circuit diagram and fitting instructions, and a description of the TS1500 composite video modification.
| Super Glooper cassette inlay | I've written a Super Sudoku 81 program in machine code for the ZX81, source is available.
There's also a ZX Spectrum page, including a loading screen screensaver written in Java, and work in progress on a Hama bead loading screen.
Finally, I have some pictures of my collection.
If you have enjoyed the site, please consider a donation towards preservation of more items: