ZX81 Tapes Collection Pictures

Here are some pictures of the tapes in my collection:

ZX81 Tapes: Sinclair, ICL, Quicksilva, and some other titles:

ZX81 Tapes: Bug Byte, Software Farm, J.K. Greye, Macronics and Mikro-Gen:

ZX81 Tapes: Timex, PSS and CDS, with a few others:

ZX81 Tapes: Some sealed tapes, CRL, M. Orwin and others:

ZX81 Tapes: Artic and others:

ZX Spectrum Tapes: Sinclair and Quicksilva:

ZX Spectrum Tapes: Dk'Tronics, Ultimate and ROMs:

ZX Spectrum Tapes: Sinclair big boxes:

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