ZX Spectrum Loading Screen Screensaver

ZX Spectrum Screensaver

This is a screensaver I wrote using the Java SaverBeans Screensaver SDK. You'll need Sun Java 1.4 installed to run the screensaver, and download some .scr files - the best place is World of Spectrum.

The screensaver can run in 2D mode, or in 3D mode; the 3D mode requires the Java3D runtime installed as well.

Here's the Windows ZIP file and Unix ZIP file containing the screensaver, and SaverBeans runtime. Unzip this then copy the files into the appropriate place for your O/S - for windows that's the Windows System32 directory then the screensaver should be available through the display properties.

You'll need to configure it to point to a directory containing your .scr files.

Please note that although the SaverBeans SDK is supported on Unix, I've not tested it.

Here's an applet demo of a single loading screen:

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Here's a screenshot:

Here's a screenshot of it running in 3D mode:

If you are interested in porting this to other platforms, or in other improvements, please contact me, Simon Holdsworth.